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Books For Kids Program

The Books For Kids Program helps place new books into the hands of at-risk children through collaborations with schools, social service agencies, pre-schools and early childhood centres.

CCN wish to be in direct contact with every child, parent, and teacher in Australia.
We at CCN share a common core objective as our supporters, to reach each and every Australian child.

Visit the Books For Kids website today to find out more .


Workshop News

Remote Workshops

Marjory Gardner, Meredith Costain, Marc McBride and Phil Kettle travel to remote schools and communities in The Kimberley and run Art & Literacy workshops for the local children.

Online Workshops

CCN can bridge the gap and co-ordinate a series of On-Line Workshops in conjunction with our many Authors & Illustrators.

Given the current situation worldwide, the use of this technology is vital to ensuring we continue to run our programs. Any form of support you can provide is appreciated.

Books For Kids Program

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