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Indigenous Youth Programs

Remote Areas

To make our artistic programs available to Indigenous children in regional and remote areas, which lack quality artistic material.


To give all Indigenous children the opportunity to pursue their natural abilities.


To reward artistic and written talent by introducing the Young Indigenous and Writers Awards program to all outback schools.


Provide a website to allow participants to showcase their individual creative talent and ability for self expression through art and literacy skills, both natural and developed.

Indigenous Art

The Indigenous Youth Art program is designed to consist of high quality arts and cultural workshops that are focused on the education, health and wellbeing of Indigenous youth. It will also promote the artistic talents of Indigenous children across Australia with a program which is designed to capture the interests of those Indigenous children in regional and remote areas.


The Art Educational Programs are designed to help the children of Australia to advance artistic talent, they are written by some of Australia’s leading artists, designers, photographers.

We have access to Australia’s leading authors and Artists. These professional Art and Literacy tutors offer advanced techniques, tips and guidance for students to develop and build on their natural talents by offering workshops and mentorship, a forum is available for Indigenous children to display their visual arts work.

This program is being undertaken with sponsorship from Mining and Energy exploration companies in the areas of their operations.


Workshop News

Remote Workshops

Marjory Gardner, Meredith Costain, Marc McBride and Phil Kettle travel to remote schools and communities in The Kimberley and run Art & Literacy workshops for the local children.

Online Workshops

CCN can bridge the gap and co-ordinate a series of On-Line Workshops in conjunction with our many Authors & Illustrators.

Given the current situation worldwide, the use of this technology is vital to ensuring we continue to run our programs. Any form of support you can provide is appreciated.

Indigenous Youth Programs

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