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The Patrons’ Circle

Mr Geoff Handbury AO Patron of the Children’s Charity Network  2006 -2019 recommended that the Children’s Charity Network Patrons’ Circle be formed.

The Children’s Charity Network Patrons’ Circle is a small group of dedicated donors who commit an annual financial donation of their choice, to ensure the expansion and continuation of the Children’s Charity Network’s work in the community.

Children’s well-being is very dear to my heart as our future depends on them. Ensuring that they grow into confident people with well-developed self-esteem is very important. I am pleased to be associated with the Children’s Charity Network, a not-for-profit community organisation which has a mission. “To build, foster and nurture confidence and self-esteem in children”.

The Patrons’ Circle is something I am immensely proud to lead and support. I encourage you to join the Patrons’ Circle and help the Children’s Charity Network to continue the wonderful work it does in the community through its different initiatives for children and expand on those.

Your patronage will make a real difference to the life of thousands of children and most importantly it would make a clear statement about your commitment to supporting future generations.

I look forward to you joining our Patrons’ Circle.

Mr Geoff Handbury AO

Patron, Children’s Charity Network 2006 -2019


Mr Geoff Handbury AO
Patron 2006 – 2019
Mr Paul Handbury
Handbury Foundation
Emeritus Professor Margot Hillel AO
Mr Chris Dodd
C.B. Dodd Recyclers

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The Patrons’ Circle

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