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Corporate & Business Support

Childrens Charity Network recognises the importance of developing and nurturing strong links with the corporate and business sectors in the community.

In partnering with corporations and businesses, we seek to engage all partners in long-term, strategic and mutually beneficial relationships. We are focused on developing partnerships of involvement and commitment.

Corporate partnerships are important strategic alliances between major organisations and Childrens Charity Network, building warm and positive relationships with all sectors of the community.

What Can You Do?

The benefits to corporate donors are both immediate and long-term:

Profile and brand – being a corporate partner of one of the most respected and trusted charity can help to strengthen your profile and brand

Customer and staff loyalty – Childrens Charity Network sends donors wonderful pictures and stories for internal and external communications.

Staff morale – an excellent way to engage your staff to help others, as well as volunteering opportunities.

Social responsibility – product donations can demonstrate your company’s commitment to supporting communities.

Reducing inventory cost – free up storage space and lower stock-handling costs by donating slow-moving or excess stock.

Corporate & Business Support

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