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Introducing CCN

The Children’s Charity Network educates, and inspires, effectively launching Australia’s greatest natural resource (our youth) by wiping out illiteracy across the board of Australia’s population.

Here at CCN we are navigating the course of inspired literacy through writing workshops, art workshops, and awards programs nationwide. Our goal is to enrich the lives of every child in the nation by wiping out illiteracy.

Our programs are designed to launch the next generation, fully loaded with all the tools to perform on a world stage. Guided by the fact that literacy is essential to lifelong success, CCN provides a vehicle to “showcase” literary efforts via our national publication “Oz Kids in Print”.

Our website, new books and educational aids develop reading activities to empower Australian children. CCN operates on one simple and astounding fact: being read to as a youngster is the foremost predictor of academic success in childhood. If a child can read at grade level by third grade, he or she will continue to read at grade level throughout their academic career.

Established in 1998, CCN has reached in excess of 400,000 children plus their parents annually with our art & literary mentoring programs. CCN is governed by a board of directors that ensure funds are spent effectively. We have found that in Australian schools, approximately:

  • 1 in 8 children does not reach benchmark levels in reading
  • 1 in 15 does not meet benchmark levels in writing
  • 1 in 10 does not meet benchmark levels in numeracy

Youth Suicide is 8 times greater in regional and remotes areas, who feel they are worthless and have no prospects for a future. These figures are even higher for our Indigenous Youth We have observed that over the last 19 years 80% of all of the children who have participated in our workshops have achieved up to a 70% improvement in their literary skills and Artist skills.

CCN wish to be in direct contact with every child, parent, and teacher in Australia.
We at CCN share a common core objective as our supporters, to reach each and every Australian child. When the CCN was founded it immediately began a program called Books For Kids ( which began to distribute books and a reading program for disadvantaged children across Australia.

Taking it to the next step, we then engaged 120 of Australia’s leading Children’s authors and illustrators to visit schools to conduct live workshops which would improve children’s reading skills and upskill their writing abilities. We later combined these workshops with very popular and effective creative art programs.

Presently we are doing more than 400 one to two-day workshops each year at schools across Australia. During the year children are invited to submit their written stories and artwork to the CCN to be published in a quarterly magazine entitled Oz Kids In Print. Each school term that publication is distributed nationally to schools and public libraries.

The dedicated on-line version: can be downloaded as a free copy, and covers all editions from day one. We are pleased that our website attracts in excess of 1 million viewers per year. Each child published receives a certificate. Once published in the Oz Kids In Print magazine every entry is eligible for a Young Australian Writers Award.

The inaugural Young Australian Art Awards was first held in 2007, and the Supreme Art Award was named the “Lady Potter Art Award”. Now after 12 years the Lady Potter Art award is recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious art awards for children. As from 2019 onward it will be known as the Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Art Award.
The Young Australian Writer’s Awards has become Australia’s most prestigious literary award for children. Our program a steppingstone which not only gives kids books to read, but also sends their favourite children’s Author or Illustrator to mentor them in personal workshops. Our authors encourage kids to send in their stories, poems and artwork and we publish as many as possible. Winning entries are then presented for the Young Writers Awards program, and that now has a track record of opening doors for them later in life.

About CCN

Recent Stories

Below are some stories which demonstrate clearly how the CCN program has effectively changed the lives of many children.

In Memory of Rob Leonard, Our Founder

It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors, staff, and myself from the Children’s Charity Network must inform you of the passing of

Hendercare Foundation Grant

On Friday 9th of February, CEO Jason Woods was invited to attend a celebration of all grant winners from the Morialta Charitable Trust. The Children’s

In Memory of Rob Leonard, Our Founder

It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors, staff, and myself from the Children’s Charity Network must inform you of the passing of our founder, Mr Rob Leonard, following a 14-month battle with Cancer. We pass our condolences to Rob’s friends and family at this terrible time.

Rob was a wonderful, caring man with a passion for service and charity. His vision to influence young Australians through literacy 25 years ago has impacted thousands, who will all be saddened by this news. In honour of Rob, I look forward to growing his vision and continuing to advocate for the value of literacy and arts.

Please take a moment to reflect upon Rob’s impact on you, and remember his uncompromising belief in the power of Art and Writing.

Rob, you will be truly missed but never far away from our thoughts. 

May Rob’s memory be a blessing.

Jason Woods
Children’s Charity Network Board and Community

Introducing CCN

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