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Donations through Bequest / Will

Help us to continue and expand our programs so we can keep on delivering our services to the community by remembering Childrens Charity Network in your will.

Your Gift for Tomorrow

Bequests are the special gifts that help Childrens Charity Network to expand its services and programs and help a larger number of children. A growing number of Australians are seeking to leave a lasting legacy through bequests or charitable trusts.

Let us Thank You

A Will is a very personal matter.We do not need to know the details of your bequest but we would like to thank you personally. Please let us know if you will be helping us to plan for the future.

Seek Legal Advice

We strongly advise you to seek qualified legal advice and assistance when making or revising your Will. It is important to understand that someone may challenge your Will if it is not drawn up correctly.

If you do not have a legal advisor, the following independent organisations can help you. You are also welcome to talk to the Childrens Charity Network.

State Trustees
Phone 03 9667 6444

Law Institute of Victoria
Phone 03 9607 9311

Childrens Charity Network
Phone 03 5282 8950

Be Specific in your Will

The most important thing to remember … is that your bequest must be properly detailed in your will – the legal document that every adult should have to protect the assets they have worked hard to accumulate. A Will is not the reserve of the wealthy or something to be postponed until old age.

Your Will allows you to specify how you want your assets distributed after your death, including gifts to your favourite charities. If you don’t have a Will, your assets will be distributed according to a pre-determined legal formula.

Many of us find it difficult to talk about our Will because it represents the time when we will no longer be with our family, friends and loved ones. But by making a Will, you will actually be helping your family and the people you care for. Your wishes will be clear and nothing will be left to chance. If you want your support for the Childrens Charity Network to continue beyond your own lifetime, your Will is the practical device through which this can be achieved.

Donations through Bequest / Will

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